Quick Tip: Stroke Path

Stroke path is used to add a brush stroke to a path. I'm not sure many people know about this technique. I think of all the photoshop tutorials I've ever done, I've only seen it used twice. I think the people that do know about it don't think to talk about it because its so basic. It's almost like doing a tutorial on the different marquees. But stroke path can have a huge effect on the final outcome of your work.

Quick Paths with the Magic Wand

Level: Intermediate; Requires basic understanding and familiarity with the pen, add anchor point, delete anchor point, convert point, path selection and direct path selection tools.

Since we'll be using the magic wand tool for this tutorial, the technique shown here is best used in situations where the section of the image you want to cut out is not on top of a super intricate background.

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